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Moulders of Polyurethane (PU) foam components


Moulders of PU foam parts for a wide variety of applications including automotive seating, headrests, furniture mouldings, office seating and more...


Our foam moulding facility includes dual hardness foam moulding, high resilience flexible foam, semi rigid flexible foam.



We are specialist in the following


  • moulding of pu foam parts including low volume

  • rapid prototype foam mouldings, foam moulders/moulder

  • Polyurethane foam moulding

  • Manufacture of foam tooling




Quality Service for both Prototype and Production


Modern production including multi-station mould carriers, aluminium and GRP resin PU tooling, high  pressure foam dispensing machines. also have the space to expand in their current premises with the opportunity to add further moulding lines and foam machinery.

We provide a quality service for both prototype and production contract polyurethane foam moulding.



Moulding of PU foam components


  • Moulding of PU foam components

  • Rapid foam tooling and parts manufactured from CAD data in days.

  • Foam tooling design and manufacture

  • Technical support and advice

  • Composites - Carbon fibre tooling and parts, 

  • Our market sectors include, Automotive, Designer furniture, Office furniture, Auditorium seating and many more.. specialise in PU foam moulding


Our PU foam moulding production facility includes;

  • High pressure PU foam machines, one closed loop suitable for dual hardness foam.

  • Vacuum line for PUR injection with Fabric.

  • stand alone double station pneumatic clamping rigs for polyurethane moulding.

  • Hardness testing facilities


Our foam moulding facility includes;


  • High resilience flexible foam

  • Dual hardness foam moulding

  • Semi rigid flexible foam

  • Integral skin foam



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